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Jobs in london with EWEP

which applicants are eligible ?

To apply you must fulfil the following requirements :

1. Should be over 18 years old

2. Should be available to work in the UK for a minimum period of two months

3. Must have a good knowledge of English

4. Due to work permit restrictions, we will only select you if you are a national of the European Union or a national from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. EU nationals are still entitled to work in the UK and do not need to obtain a visa or work permit until Brexit Day (31/12/2020).
By meeting the above requirements and having been successfully selected by EWEP and prospective employers the following terms and conditions apply.

Job picture 1

what kind of jobs are offered ?

Most of the positions are in the catering or sales industries, within Central London, the Greater London area and throughout England.

They include :

- Prestigious seafood bars (Caviar House & Prunier) at various airports and Harrods

- Catering units at Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

- Four star-hotels, restaurants and pubs

- Retail outlets.

The positions available range from Kitchen Porter, Commis Chef, Chef de Partie, Catering Assistant, Commis Waiter, Waiter/Waitress, Chef de Rang, Bar Assistant to Sales Assistant & Receptionist. The position you will be offered is likely to be influenced by your level of English, length of stay, references, motivation and communication skills. Previous experience, which is not essential for catering placements, however, will be required for the position of Sales Assistant and Receptionist.

Job picture 2

what are the working conditions and wages ?

Working hours are likely to be :

6 am - 2 pm or 3 pm - 11 pm.
5 days a week with 2 days off.
Working conditions will vary according to the employer's needs.

An average working week can range from 30 hours to 40 hours. By law, the national living wage for workers aged between 18-20 inclusive is £6.15 gross per hour, £7.70 gross per hour for workers aged 21 to 24, and £8.21 gross per hour for workers aged 25 and over. Though many companies are paying their workers well above these rates.

For example for a 40-hours week, according to your age, a minimum remuneration of £235.00 or £300.00 gross per week can be expected. Overtime is available and the company will advise you of the standard rate. You may receive tips, depending on the nature of your job; these may range from £5.00 to £30.00 a day. Salaries are paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and in arrears into your English bank account.

National Insurance Contributions, 12% of the salary above an income of £8632.00 per year, are deducted from your gross pay. These contributions entitle you to free medical attention in the National Health Service and statutory sick pay.

According to the British PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme, Income Tax will be deducted at a basic rate of 20% for earnings up to £50,000. Income tax paid on earnings up to £12,500 can be claimed back after the 6th April of each year. Full details will be given by EWEP at due course. Most companies will provide free meals and uniforms while on duty.